“Spirit in Action” by Jeanine Bellendir, Leadership Council President

I wish I could take credit for this article but I cannot.  As I was researching information for my news-letter, this article popped up… it says exactly what I wanted to say, so rather than re-invent the wheel I am passing it along.

The Secret to Having It All

By Christy Whitman

No doubt you’ve heard the old saying, common in the Deep South, that states “when Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy…”

While this may sound like an old wives tale, it actually speaks to a very powerful universal truth:  The energy we bring to any situation or relationship has a far greater influence on the people we interact with than the words we speak or the actions we take.

If our energy is frenetic, we elicit tension, anxiety and resistance from those around us, and greatly reduce our chances of creating the outcomes we desire.  Likewise, if our primary vibration is one of feeling calm and appreciative, we put others at ease and naturally inspire their cooperation.

Yes, we get the job done, but in such a way that everyone involved is left feeling full, inspired, and…happy.

What a lot of people don’t yet realize is that generating this kind of happiness – in others and in ourselves – is entirely an inside job.  It has nothing to do with our kids cleaning their rooms, our partners treating us a certain way, or our co-workers doing what we tell them.

What determines our happiness is the degree to which we are connected with ourselves, because self-connection is the only way to become aware of the energy we are sending out.

As we become more familiar with reading our own energy, what becomes clear is that we are either in a state of allowing the outcomes we desire to manifest in our lives, or we are resisting the very results we are working so hard to achieve.

And here’s the key: We are either aligned with one state of being or the other; there is no in between.

Allowing is our natural state.

We are all born receptive, pliable, and open to receiving every possible manifestation of well-being, abundance and joy.  In its free and unobstructed state, our body-mind system is in direct connection and communion with the unlimited energy and inspiration of the universe; it flows through us like water rushes through an open pipe.

Resistance, on the other hand, is a conditioned response; a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaving which can become so habitual that it sometimes seems to occur as an automatic reflex.  Resistance blocks receptivity.

While it’s true that the universe is infinitely abundant, it’s also true that we can only receive as much of that abundance as we are willing to allow… and we are the only ones who can determine that.

We can have it all – in every area of our lives – but only if we are allowing and open to receive.

So, how can you tell whether you allowing or resisting the outcomes you desire?

Easy!  When you feel good, your energy is one of allowing.   When you feel bad, you are in a state of resistance.

By paying attention to your energy field, you can discover which frequency you are aligned with – and, more importantly, you can choose to deliberately alter that frequency.

Everything we draw into our lives is a reflection of our vibration, and we are the originators of the vibration we are sending out.

Once you understand this, your manifesting power grows exponentially: You begin to magnetize more abundance; you generate more new ideas and more expanded possibilities; and you draw people into your experience – employers, employees, publishers, assistants… you name it – who have the exact resources needed to bring those ideas to fruition in your life.  The great news is, it all starts from within.

It all starts with the signal you’re sending out.  It all starts with YOU.

The vibration we are offering with regard to any situation or relationship is the single most important factor in determining the quality of what we receive from that situation or relationship.

When Momma is happy, the rest of the world reflects that happiness!  Emotions are contagious.

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