“Spirit in Living” by Miles Morris, RScP

Den Freaney has been a member here at SACSL since 2004, having moved to San Antonio with partner Miles Morris from Arlington, Texas, where they both first discovered Religious Science in 1994. Den describes that discovery as a revelatory experience. Having grown up in the Catholic faith and serving as a teaching brother in the The Marist Brothers Order for 19 years, Den found the philosophy of Science of Mind appealing and, like so many of us who come to Religious Science after years of service and devotion to other faiths, embraced the warmth and acceptance he felt at that very first service when he heard the words of the wonderful Reverend Kay Hunter, who at 90, continues to educate and inspire her parishioners.

Den began taking SOM classes early on in his first years attending Community Church of Religious Science in Dallas, but unfortunately was unable to continue the classes because of a highly demanding work schedule involving much travel, a schedule which still keeps him “on the road” or actually “in the air” much of the time! Since 1994, he has served as Vice President of Development for Dismas Charities, a 50 year old non-profit social service agency based in Louisville Kentucky, where he establishes programs for offenders reintegrating into the community after serving time in prison.

Den was born in New York City and lived in the Bronx, until he came to Texas in 1965, where, as a Marist Brother (Marist is a religious order in the Catholic Church) where he taught high school students at St. Joseph Academy in Brownsville, TX.  He has many humorous stories about that transition from New York City to Brownsville, TX. Talk about a major culture shock!  One day he was asked: “Brother Dennis, can you ride a horse?” He asked why and was told “Pack your bags. You’re going to Texas!” Well, he never really had to ride a horse, but that move changed his entire life

Den first moved to San Antonio, where he received and MSW from the Worden School of Social Service at Our lady of the Lake University. He later moved to Austin in the early 1970’s where he worked as a psychiatric social worker for several agencies. He eventually was on the graduate faculty of the University of Texas School of Social Work and developed a private practice of psychotherapy.

In the late 1980s he moved to the DFW area and worked as an administrator for Volunteers of American and eventually was commissioned as a minister, becoming involved in the ministry of service for the organization.

He has adapted well to Texas, professing never wishing to leave Texas, and one could possibly mistake him for a native Texan as long as he didn’t open his mouth. Once he speaks, however, that New York background comes spilling out in a Yankee accent. Though he loves Texas (for the most part) and feels comfortably ensconced here, his accent definitely gives him away as a transport, though not really a recent one!

As mentioned earlier, Den’s travel schedule makes it difficult for him to attend services at SACSL as much as he would like. Therefore you may not have seen him around much. But he remains an avid supporter of all that we do here at SACSL and our mission to create a better world and to spread the word of Science of Mind, which he loves and respects. In his daily attitude, Den truly lives the philosophies of Ernest Holmes and Religious Science, maintaining a constant and infectious positive spirit and reflecting the God within.

Den is yet another of the interesting members of this very diverse community here at SACSL and is our Person of the Month for May.

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