July Sunday Lessons

July 2015 Theme: “From Impediment to Empowerment”

Whatever we face in this experience called life, we always have a choice:  Will we be blocked by obstacles or will we use them as stepping stones to our greatness?  There are countless individuals who have done the latter and have become greater individuals because of the challenges.  Now it’s our turn to be counted in those numbers.  This month we will look at any impediment as a chance for greater empowerment, as an opportunity to grow bigger in God and as an opening through which our consciousness can expand.  So, bring your biggest challenge to the table this month and let’s turn it around!  (Reference for this series is, “The Obstacle is the Way” by Ryan Holiday

July 5 – “The Power of Perception”

Whenever we face a challenge in our lives, what seems to matter most… is not what really matters most.  It is not the obstacle that matters, but rather our perception of it that makes all the difference.  While this may sound basic, it is the foundation of our work and, today, there just might be a twist or two to this fundamental idea.

July 12 – “Inspired Action”

Action is commonplace, but inspired action is not.  When we take action in service to our greater life, step by step, inspired action by inspired action, we dismantle the obstacles in front of us.  But how do we discern inspired action from distraction?  Today, we will lay out a clear path to empowerment through inspired action.

July 19 – “The Right Use of Will”

In New Thought circles, the idea of using our will sometimes gets a bad rap.  But today, we look at the right use of our will, which actually is more about surrender than strength and which allows us to turn any obstacle into an opportunity.

July 26 – “Ready to Take a Risk?”

Facing our challenges takes courage and a willingness to step into the unknown.  It is, in fact, risky business!  But living the God-filled, joyful life we are meant to live is worth the risk, don’t you think?  Using all we have explored this month, today we step off the metaphorical cliff and learn that one of two things really will happen – either the earth comes up to meet us or we spread our wings and fly!

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