Class Starts Sunday–October 18 @ 1:00 pm

“Spiritual Economics”

Class starts Sunday, October 18 @ 1:00 PM. 

Class meets once a week for 8 weeks.  Fee is on a love offering basis.  Required book is “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth.  (Please order book from or your favorite bookstore.  Kindle version also available.)

Goal of Class: The goal of this class is to help you realize the abundance that is already in your life is a reflection of consciousness.  To increase that flow we must open ourselves up to it and put ourselves in alignment with it.  This is a practical application of spiritual Law and will require us to closely examine our beliefs about money, income, assets, and liabilities.  Create a state of mind where you feel confident there is always enough to do what you have to do, what you want to do, and not worry about it.

Please join us!

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