What An Amazing Story, Thank You God!

Belinda Huber 

Belinda Huber Finds Her Spiritual Home @ San Antonio Center for Spiritual Living

I grew up in a loving family with a strong Christian belief system.  My father was a Baptist minister who taught me that praying for forgiveness for my sins and believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me from my sins was the only way I would get to go to heaven when I passed on.  And I believed him!

However, adopting my Baptist parents belief system did not serve me well as an adult.  I experienced two broken marriages after thirteen years each.  Knowing somehow that my childhood teachings and spiritual thought was not working for me, I began my search.  I was angry with God for letting me down… I became an avid reader searching for the truth.

My first reading exploration started with Don Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements”, on Toltec Wisdom.  I experienced very positive results from this book and became very hungry for more… more of the truth.  I read books ranging from Wiccan to Shamanism.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I joined a Methodist Church craving a renewed connection with God.  And after six years of searching with an empty heart, I became ill.  I developed an autoimmune disease that inflamed my lungs so much that I could hardly breathe.  I would cough so much that I could not speak very well… much less sing.  Singing is very important to me and I was very frustrated.  After all, I am a choir director.

Even in my illness I continued my search and came across an advertisement in the “Natural Awakenings” magazine for San Antonio Center for Spiritual Living.  It spoke to me, so I checked out the web site,  www.sanantoniocsl.org, and decided to visit.  The following Sunday I went to what I thought to be a meditation prior to the service, only to learn that the meditation was now included as part of the service.  So I went back to my car, sat there and meditated in private.  In the stillness, God filled me with so much love that I cried. His presence that day was equivalent to an earthquake.  It changed my life! I knew I was on the right path and that my healing had begun.

I attended and enjoyed the first service and decided to continue.  The beliefs that were shared with me that day were definitely in alignment with my own, and I knew that after the experience I had while meditating that I had come home.  San Antonio Center for Spiritual Living is my spiritual home.  My life has transformed in such a wonderful way.  The teachings of Ernest Homes written in “The Science of Mind” text book, the services at the Center, the classes,  the members…  I am filled with joy, my spirit is vibrant and life is filled with beauty.  I am so grateful!

2 thoughts on “What An Amazing Story, Thank You God!

  1. Belinda, you have brightened our space tremendously and I feel so blessed personally that you persevered in your search, which eventually led you to us. What a joy to have you in our congregation and what a tremendous contribution you have already made in your short time with us. I am so grateful for you!


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