1. Fear of being judged as wrong, bad or imperfect;

2. Fear of being worthless, unworthy, or inconsequential;

3. Fear of failure, of being incompetent, or unable to do;

4. Fear of being abandoned or ignored;

5. Fear of overwhelm and intrusion;

6. Fear of missing out or being limited;

7. Fear of being blamed;

8. Fear of showing weakness and vulnerability; and

9. Fear of being unlovable, shut out or inharmonious (this includes fear of conflict


1 thought on “TOP 9 FEARS

  1. “It’s Up to You” by Ernest Holmes ~ He writes: “[We must]… concede that God is for us. This done, we have at once overcome the fear by seeing that there is nothing to be afraid of… let us meet [the world] constructively, as a gloriously becoming thing, knowing that the kingdom of God inhabits every soul. No one has ever tried and failed in a conscious cooperation with the Universe Itself.”


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