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January 2019 _ A Time for New Beginnings

A New Year and a New Beginning for SACSL.  Be sure to stay tuned for all the changes that are coming.

Theme: “Turning Point or Tipping Point?”

Resource: “E-Cubed” by Pam Grout

We have all heard of the idea of a “tipping point,” the moment at which there is enough critical mass for a major change to occur.  But what about a “turning point”?  A “turning point” is the moment of decision, the moment we individually or collectively decide to make a shift, to head in a different direction, to view things another way, and that decision results in a radically different outcome.  Or said another way, a “turning point” can result in a different “tipping point.”  This month, with the support of the strong foundation of our New Thought teachings, we will have personal turning point moments that will tip us in the direction of greater love, joy, peace and manifestation.

Sunday, January 6: “Laying the Ground Work”

As we explore the idea of “turning points” in our lives, today we anchor into foundational concepts that will send us in the direction of our individual and collective Good and even greater Good.  This morning will lay the groundwork for our entire year, so be sure to be with us, and bring a friend or two!

Sunday, January 13: “Doing the Work”

“God can only work for us by working through us.”  No truer words have ever been said!  With the help of international bestselling author Pam Grout in her book “E Cubed,” this week and next, we will do some work to turn us in the direction of being who we came here to be and doing what we came here to do.

Sunday, January 20: “Continuing the Work”

Picking up where we left off last week, today we continue the work of creating turning points in the direction of being who we came here to be and doing what we came here to do.

Sunday, January 27: “Achieving the Miraculous”

American Physician and author Bernie Siegel once wrote, “We have nothing to lose by attempting to achieve the miraculous.” When we have made the turn to a more expansive view of ourselves, our possibilities and the role we play in the world, we will achieve the miraculous. Actually, we will be the miracle, so come be the miracle today!