July 21, 2019 ~ Dedication and Blessing Services – Bar-Be-Que to Follow

Sunday July 21, 2019 is our dedication and blessing services at our new location. Join us and enjoy the food and fellowship at a bar-be-que following the services.

2 thoughts on “July 21, 2019 ~ Dedication and Blessing Services – Bar-Be-Que to Follow

  1. This is a letter from Shirley… who also needs to be thanked for her part in the event.
    Dear Everyone!
    Thank you for making the Dedication and Blessing of the San Antonio Center for Spiritual Living in Boerne, Texas an energizing and exciting event today!

    Rev. Beth delivered an incredible Dedication and Blessing for the Center and provided a Dedication Response which we will keep for future reference!!! David McCloud, SOM, Practitioner, set an upbeat, uplifting tone for the service as he does each and every Sunday.

    How wonderful to see new folks, folks from the past and folks from mere months ago and our previous SOM practitioners of the center, Ijea and Dean at the Dedication today.

    The Center keeps going strong with our dedicated members who continue to show up volunteering in various ways that help maintain the place where we have service. Also, thanks to those who cart in delicious food each week but especially….I’m looking at you, Denise W.

    Special thank you to Tom, at his BBQ pit, preparing chicken and sausage for the masses in the late July Texas heat

    Hey, thanks to everyone for their fellowship and contributions today!

    Please, remember, you are welcome anytime here in beautiful Boerne, on Sundays at 11 a.m.
    Thank you, again, for attending today – you made it very special!


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